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Loving each other well and expressing it personally, within the church, and in the city.



Join several organizations, community members, and leaders, who have turned their compassion towards NE Oklahoma City, the poor, and marginalized ethnic groups. Many great efforts are underway. The Stronger Together movement is facilitating a platform for connection and strategic cooperation. Find out how you may participate and make a greater difference. Email to inquire.


We are celebrating unity and relationships in OKC with friends with whom we enjoy sharing life, but also looking outside our normal circles to discover friendships we may not have expected and will come to cherish. See how leaders in our city are experiencing new relationships...



Our goal is to encourage a practice of consistent and unified prayer around the goals of Christ for our city. We are switching from defense to offense concerning God’s purpose. Praying on defense means our actions and prayer meetings are typically a result of a negative incident that has occurred. Praying on offense means we see a clear vision for tomorrow and we engage in consistent and unified prayer regardless of the obstacles and challenges.


The church is a city set on a hill. Our message is not to be hidden under a bushel. By agreeing on the Father’s message, we seek to awaken the hearts and minds of our city with a unified message. Negative messages have dominated our culture and gone unchallenged. We accept the responsibility to come together and communicate the Father’s message of hope with clarity and simplicity.


We come together so that we may esteem and respect what God has given others. We surround one another with prayer, friendship, and support. Many leaders operate alone, struggle alone, and accomplish far less because of a lack of unity. All leaders are encouraged to find life friends with whom they may pray and face life together.


In our families, our churches, and our city, we have been guilty of just reacting to the many challenges which face us. We have had a tendency to address needs without a clear plan for long-term success. For example, the ten year old needs a mentor to do well in school, but a child must also be taught the value of family. He/she must break the cycle of the broken home, while succeeding in his/her education, or else their future children may repeat the cycle and one day need mentors themselves. They must see themselves as part of a solution. Long term vision changes the landscape for generations. It is our intent to dream together and work toward a unified and long-term (10, 20, or 30 year) vision.